Monday, June 13, 2011

Wonderful Bus Stops

Can You Imagine

These Are The

Bus Stops or Bus Queue Shelters

Yes These Are The Beautiful

Amazing And Wonderful

Bus Stops And Bus Queue Shelters

Around The World

Just Appreciate Them

And Wish For The Same

In Your Country

At Your City

Maangte Rahna Duya

Hoga Kis Waqt Asar

Ye To Allah Ko Khabar

Ye To Maula Ko Khabar

But.. Be Careful..

don's wish for this

no doubt.. its our Great India

Different Toilets Around The World

Strange, Awesome and Funny

Some Attractive,,

Some Beautiful..

Some Awesome..

Some Classic..

Some Unusual..

Some Royal..

Some Rich..

Some Different..

Some Masterpiece..

Some Funny..

Some Wonderful..

Some Traditional..

Some General..

Some Indian..

Some Rural..

Some Amazing..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Most Amazing 15 Town Names

These Are The Most Amazing, Funny and Sexy Town Names

1 Penistone (UK)

2 Middelfart (Denmark)

3 Dildo (Newfoundland, Canada)

4 Fucking (Austria)

5 Crotch Crescent (UK)

6 Crapstone (UK)

7 Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA)

8 Boring (Oregon, USA)

9 Accident (Maryland, USA)

10 Wetwang (UK)

11 Hell (Michigan, USA)

12 Hooker (Oklahoma, USA)

13 Embarrass (Minnesota, USA)

14 Bird -n-Hand (Pennsylvania, USA)

15 Titty Ho (UK)